If you want to give Roulette a try but are worried about losing too much money then take a look at the brand new Penny Roulette game at 21Nova Casino. The Roulette game features everything a serious player might need, but it accepts a minimum bet of just 1p!

The game focuses on the spinning wheel, in fact the name Roulette comes from the French for little wheel. The wheel is divided into 37 segments numbered 0 to 26 and they are alternately coloured red and black (except 0, which is green).

A ball is released into this spinning wheel and all you have to do is bet on where it will come to rest. Thanks to the different coloured segments and the clever layout of the numbers on the wheel and betting area there are a number of different types of bet available.

There are two sections to the betting area, the main area which is a grid, and the Racetrack, an oval shape used for placing some of the more advanced bets. Simply place your chips in the appropriate area before each round and click on ‘Spin’ to release the ball.

As mentioned, there are a number of different types of bet. It is possible to bet on individual numbers, groups of numbers such as reds and blacks, even numbers, odd numbers, groups formed by the layout of the betting area, and more.

Roulette gives you the chance to win a great deal of money. The top payout of 35:1 is won for a successful Straight Up bet (a bet on an individual number). The lowest payout is 1:1 and it is won by betting on a large group of numbers such as the reds or the blacks.

As mentioned, the game accepts bets of just £0.01 so everyone can give it a try and it has an upper betting limit of £20. More details about the different types of bet can be found in the game itself.

If you want to try and develop your Roulette skills then Penny Roulette is the perfect game. Give it a try today and you’re sure to start winning in no time at all.

Develop Your Skills With The Brand New Penny Roulette

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